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2018.08.18 I love summer weekends

Family visit

The family is on holiday. And guess what? Where did they go? To our place. Everybody loves the swimming pool. And the sun of course.

Although it has been rather cloudy for the past couple of days. Which has its benefits. Because then we cannot go to the beach.

As such the beach is okay, if not for the sand that crawls everywhere where you don’t want it; and for the people that are everywhere where you don’t want them; and for the wet, cold, and salty seawater that’s polluted with who knows what and makes those huge waves; and for the wind that blows the plastic from everywhere to where you try to sit; and for the sun that doesn’t stop burning a hole in your head (and the ozone layer); and for the chocolate ice cream that is melted before it can reach your mouth and colors your new white t-shirt so nicely; and for the surf that obscures the stones with the spiky side upon which you will sharpen your feet that are already blistered from the burning sand; and for the two hours drive because you can’t find a parking space for the car so you still have to walk half an hour.

So you might as well stay at home with the swimming pool where it’s so quiet and you have fresh drinks and clean t-shirts close by. I love summer weekends when the family is over.


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