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2018.08.17 Coffee time


I am a person of habits after all. Despite the enormous variation of coffees that are available In Spain, I always order a Café Americano. Where I could have chosen one of these:

  • Café con leche
  • Cortado
  • Cortado con leche muy caliente
  • Cortado con leche fria
  • Café solo
  • Café Americano
  • Cappuchino
  • Carajillo
  • Café con hielo (with ice)
  • Barraquito
  • Café bombon
  • Café Belmonte
  • Espresso macchiato
  • Café latte
  • Café descafeinada de maquina
  • Café descafeinada de sobre

Some of these have alcohol in them which makes me hesitant to try something different of course.

At home, I stick to my Senseo. The choice in the shops is limited because Nespresso is much more popular. But I did try several Senseo tastes and have found one normal and one decaffeinated I like. So as with the ordered coffee, I have developed a habit of these as well.


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