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2018.11.25 Sinterklaas

When we were in the Netherlands we bought a couple of chocolate letters. Of course an A and a D for the kids. But also some general ones as a present. In the Netherlands, it is custom to give these letters when it’s Sinterklaas. Usually the first letter of one’s name. Today we went to … Read more

2018.02.04 The source of water

My parents stayed in Spain 18 winters in a row. Whenever I visited them I joined them in their hunt for water in the mountains behind Benidorm. In a village called Polop was a huge square with lots of fountains one after another.That was my first acquaintance with the fuentes of Spain. It’s a nice … Read more

2017.12.31 Las doce uvas de suerte

Yesterday we entered the supermarket and ran straight into a huge improvised table full of small plastic containers with uvas blancas (white grapes). At first, I thought it to be a promotion stunt. Then I remembered our daughter-in-law once told us you had to eat one grape at every beat of the clock at midnight … Read more