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2018.07.11 Wanna buy?

Vendors at the table

“I don’t mind them coming to my table to sell something”, a friend said. Until he too experienced how aggressive some of the vendors are and how many pass by.

Today none was aggressive, but there were even more than usual. At times no less than 3 vendors were roaming the terrace at the same time. For some reason we were lucky. Most of the time they skipped our table.

It could be that we were looking too dark. Usually, I try to stay polite and acknowledge them, so I don’t think that was the case. No, I suspect it has something to do with numbers and alcohol. A table for two is skipped. A table without sangria or wine bottles is skipped. Their attention is flawless. The louder a table, the quicker they are standing next to it.

One way or the other, I don’t like it. You can’t sit quietly for a minute or have a conversation without continuous unsolicited interruptions.

As soon as lunchtime is over the sellers scatter on the boulevard. They spread a sheet and expose their goods. The reason for the sheet is, besides organizing a secluded space, that they can grab the 4 corners and run with their goods when the police arrive. Ambulant sales is forbidden according to the signs at the boundaries of villages.

Any rule is violated without a decent control system, so is this one.


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