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National Park Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands, definitely worth a Visit

National Park Hoge Veluwe, the Netherlands, definitely worth a Visit

Years ago my husband and I were finally able to take a day off (we had the worst bosses ever – we were both solo-entrepreneurs) and decided we wanted to have a combination of culture, nature, exercise and fun. Preferably all in one place.

We could have gone to Insel Hombroich just across the border of Germany, but another great place where you can have it all is National Park Hoge Veluwe. It’s located in the east of the Netherlands and even on that winter’s day it was beautiful.

Cars are allowed in the park, but are strongly discouraged by an additional charge on the entrance fee. If you have no difficulty moving, it is easy to park the car at one of the entrances and continue on foot or by bicycle. This way you save nature and you see more details of the park.

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What to See in Antwerp, Belgium. Including Unknown Hot Spots

What to See in Antwerp, Belgium, including Unknown Hot Spots
View on top of the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom)

In the Netherlands we lived 5 miles from the Belgium border. And crossing the border really meant crossing a frontier, despite that small distance.

As soon as you are in the neighborhood of the border you can see that the street is different (ask any professional cyclist – Belgian cobblestone roads are famous), the houses are built with materials we don’t use in Holland and on a back road it even shows that nature looks different. In Holland everything is clean cut, Belgium is cozier.

For Tom and me Antwerp was closer by than Amsterdam, so if we wanted to sniff some culture we usually went there. What to see in Antwerp? There is a lot of variety and the terraces are great!

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Wadden Sea, the Netherlands. Get Ready for an Adventurous Walk

Wadden Sea, the Netherlands. Get Ready for an Adventurous Walk
Wad Walk 2012

A unique area in the North of the Netherlands and Germany is the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is an unusual type of nature and shines on the Unesco’s World Heritage list.

The area is essential for a lot of birds, seals and aquatic plants and is very vulnerable. That became all too clear in 2019 when the ship MSC Zoë sank North of the Wadden Sea, the Netherlands, and a lot of plastic and consumer products ended up in the sea and on the islands.

The Wad Walk of 2019 (I explain what a Wad Walk is later on) was dedicated to cleaning up part of the sea shore of Wadden island Schiermonnikoog. But the effects of this environmental disaster are not clear yet.

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The Ruhr Area in Germany: My Top 1 Place for a Day Trip

The Ruhr Area in Germany: My Favorite Place for a Day Trip

Despite the industrialization of the area my favorite place to go was the Ruhr area in Germany. When I still lived in the Netherlands, it was a car journey of 1,5 hours from our house.

My husband Tom and I are not allowed to travel at the moment (in fact not even allowed to leave the village, unless for an emergency), but as soon as things are normal again we intend to visit our hometown. And we might go to the Ruhr area again.

The area became the “European Capital of Culture” in 2010. This meant a face lift for a region that had been a dirty, neglected orphan since the mines and steel industry slowly came to a halt.

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