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Healthy Lifestyle: 25 Tips on How to Spend Leisure Time

Healthy Lifestyle: 25 Tips on How to Spend Leisure Time

Maybe Tom and I are crazy, I don’t know. We are pensioners nowadays, we should be sitting in a chair looking outside what the neighbors are up to, right? Instead of what we are doing now: working on our websites, I am designing a couple of things, Tom is finishing his thesis.

My guess is, as long as we are both having fun, we’re OK. The only thing we really need to be aware of is to not work for too long. Leisure time is important.

All the more now we are in lockdown on an almost regular basis and restricted in our movements, it’s important to consciously spend leisure time together.

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Wadden Sea, the Netherlands. Get Ready for an Adventurous Walk

Wadden Sea, the Netherlands. Get Ready for an Adventurous Walk
Wad Walk 2012

A unique area in the North of the Netherlands and Germany is the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is an unusual type of nature and shines on the Unesco’s World Heritage list.

The area is essential for a lot of birds, seals and aquatic plants and is very vulnerable. That became all too clear in 2019 when the ship MSC Zoë sank North of the Wadden Sea, the Netherlands, and a lot of plastic and consumer products ended up in the sea and on the islands.

The Wad Walk of 2019 (I explain what a Wad Walk is later on) was dedicated to cleaning up part of the sea shore of Wadden island Schiermonnikoog. But the effects of this environmental disaster are not clear yet.

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The Ruhr Area in Germany: My Top 1 Place for a Day Trip

The Ruhr Area in Germany: My Favorite Place for a Day Trip

Despite the industrialization of the area my favorite place to go was the Ruhr area in Germany. When I still lived in the Netherlands, it was a car journey of 1,5 hours from our house.

My husband Tom and I are not allowed to travel at the moment (in fact not even allowed to leave the village, unless for an emergency), but as soon as things are normal again we intend to visit our hometown. And we might go to the Ruhr area again.

The area became the “European Capital of Culture” in 2010. This meant a face lift for a region that had been a dirty, neglected orphan since the mines and steel industry slowly came to a halt.

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Kobo E-reader Review – Always your Bookcase at Hand

Kobo e-reader review

During our sixth move, I complained that this should be the last time we dragged all those books around. Two more moves would follow! But the last time I sold or gave away a lot of books. I had to, because we were going to travel and all our stuff had to go into the storage.

Especially while we were traveling – with a car full of clothes, stuff to cook and to sleep – I was so pleased with my e-reader. 300+ Books the size of a small pocketbook. I finally convinced my husband an e-reader has its advantages so he has one too now. In this Kobo e-reader review I discuss both models and other reasons why I prefer an e-reader nowadays.

Advantages of an e-reader

As a graphic designer I designed a lot of paper books. That’s why some of my friends can’t understand my love for e-books. They want to feel the paper in their hands and be able to touch the cover.

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