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Review of Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson

Review of Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson

The biggest struggle small business owners like me have is “How do I get traffic to my website?”

There is the technical answer to this question. For example, your website must be found and indexed by Google. This means it must be fast enough, both on mobile and desktop. This speed depends on several factors, which are not the scope of this article.

This article is a review of Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson. It’s about organic, paid and owned traffic as an answer to my original question: “How do I get traffic to my website?” Or in modern lingo, how to get eyeballs on our website, eyeballs that stay (and buy). Preferably in a way we can control ourselves, for the bigger part.

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Review: iThemes – The Best WordPress Security Plugin in my Opinion

Review: iThemes - The Best WordPress Security Plugin in my opinion

Whenever I get the dreaded message that someone’s site is hacked, I thank my security plugin. 🙂 Most hosts take care of security as well of course, but in the end it’s our own responsibility to make sure their efforts have effect.

The number of WordPress plugins I use is not big, although I don’t meet the recommended maximum of 5. Most of these plugins are free versions, but the one I am paying for – and with love – is iThemes.

In my opinion iThemes Security Pro is the best wordpress security plugin. I also use iThemes Sync and iThemes BackupBuddy. And especially that last one has saved me on several occasions.

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Kobo E-reader Review – Always your Bookcase at Hand

Kobo e-reader review

During our sixth move, I complained that this should be the last time we dragged all those books around. Two more moves would follow! But the last time I sold or gave away a lot of books. I had to, because we were going to travel and all our stuff had to go into the storage.

Especially while we were traveling – with a car full of clothes, stuff to cook and to sleep – I was so pleased with my e-reader. 300+ Books the size of a small pocketbook. I finally convinced my husband an e-reader has its advantages so he has one too now. In this Kobo e-reader review I discuss both models and other reasons why I prefer an e-reader nowadays.

Advantages of an e-reader

As a graphic designer I designed a lot of paper books. That’s why some of my friends can’t understand my love for e-books. They want to feel the paper in their hands and be able to touch the cover.

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Compare Web Hosting Providers – a Review of Namecheap and Siterubix

Compare Web Hosting Providers - a Review of Namecheap and Siterubix

When did I make my first website? I can’t remember exactly, it must have been 1995 or 1996. I don’t even remember which hosting providers I had during all those years, but as you can imagine it were quite a few.

To compare web hosting providers I will stick to the 2 I have at the moment: Namecheap and Siterubix. Your first question will probably be, why I have 2? Well, that’s a coincidence. 

My and my husband’s websites were hosted by Namecheap, when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate community. Siterubix is an integral component of Wealthy Affiliate and my new websites are hosted there.

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Review of the Home Business Academy – Sales Funnels or Revenues?

The Home Business Academy

The Home Business Academy is a monthly membership, made to make the building of a sales funnel easy, yet it’s also meant as a way to earn residual income as an affiliate.

In 20 Ideas on how to make money after retirement, I mention both online and offline possibilities to make money. For both offline and online endeavours, it’s good to have sales funnels in place. I’ll explain in this article what a sales funnel is.

In this review of the Home Business Academy, I’ll also go in-depth on what it means to be an affiliate. To be an affiliate of a product is not on my original list of ideas. So, it makes a perfect Idea #21. I did mention being an affiliate in How to make money from your hobby or passion? but that was more as a side note. 

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