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Review: iThemes – The Best WordPress Security Plugin in my Opinion

Review: iThemes - The Best WordPress Security Plugin in my opinion

Whenever I get the dreaded message that someone’s site is hacked, I thank my security plugin. 🙂 Most hosts take care of security as well of course, but in the end it’s our own responsibility to make sure their efforts have effect.

The number of WordPress plugins I use is not big, although I don’t meet the recommended maximum of 5. Most of these plugins are free versions, but the one I am paying for – and with love – is iThemes.

In my opinion iThemes Security Pro is the best wordpress security plugin. I also use iThemes Sync and iThemes BackupBuddy. And especially that last one has saved me on several occasions.

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Kobo E-reader Review – Always your Bookcase at Hand

Kobo e-reader review

During our sixth move, I complained that this should be the last time we dragged all those books around. Two more moves would follow! But the last time I sold or gave away a lot of books. I had to, because we were going to travel and all our stuff had to go into the storage.

Especially while we were traveling – with a car full of clothes, stuff to cook and to sleep – I was so pleased with my e-reader. 300+ Books the size of a small pocketbook. I finally convinced my husband an e-reader has its advantages so he has one too now. In this Kobo e-reader review I discuss both models and other reasons why I prefer an e-reader nowadays.

Advantages of an e-reader

As a graphic designer I designed a lot of paper books. That’s why some of my friends can’t understand my love for e-books. They want to feel the paper in their hands and be able to touch the cover.

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Compare Web Hosting Providers – a Review of Namecheap and Siterubix

Compare Web Hosting Providers - a Review of Namecheap and Siterubix

When did I make my first website? I can’t remember exactly, it must have been 1995 or 1996. I don’t even remember which hosting providers I had during all those years, but as you can imagine it were quite a few.

To compare web hosting providers I will stick to the 2 I have at the moment: Namecheap and Siterubix. Your first question will probably be, why I have 2? Well, that’s a coincidence. 

My and my husband’s websites were hosted by Namecheap, when I joined the Wealthy Affiliate community. Siterubix is an integral component of Wealthy Affiliate and my new websites are hosted there.

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Review of the Home Business Academy – Sales Funnels or Revenues

The Home Business Academy

The Home Business Academy is a monthly membership, made to make the building of a sales funnel easy, yet it’s also meant as a way to earn residual income as an affiliate.

In 20 Ideas on how to make money after retirement I mention both online and offline possibilities to make money. For both offline and online endeavors it’s good to have sales funnels in place. I’ll explain in this article what a sales funnel is.

In this review of the Home Business Academy I’ll also go in depth on what is means to be an affiliate. To be an affiliate of a product is not on my original list of ideas. So, it makes a perfect Idea #21. I did mention being an affiliate in How to make money from your hobby or passion?, but that was more as a side note. 

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