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2018.01.13 On top of the highway


On the look of Hannie’s face, you can tell she just climbed a steep hill for half an hour during our daily walk. Fortunately, we carried water of our own because this ‘Fontanilla’ didn’t produce any.

But like yesterday, the secret of the picture is what you can not see. Hannie sits on top of the highway A7 (from Almeria to Málaga or if you prefer, the other way around). Here the A7 disappears in a tunnel.

From where we live we can see the cars passing on the A7 at a great distance higher up in the hills. Fortunately for us, you can’t hear the cars. This was totally the opposite of where we used to live. In our former bedroom, you could tell from the noise of the A58 and the A27 what time it was. And we couldn’t even see these highways.


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