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2018.09.06 Could they make up their mind, please?

Traffic signs

I know it’s not very feminist behavior, but usually, I let Tom drive. In the Netherlands, the excuse was that he loves to drive and I couldn’t care less about driving. Over here the reason is that I hate the Spanish traffic.

But if I have to go somewhere that’s too far to walk, of course, I have to take the car.

I get confused all the time. By the way people drive, I get the impression they couldn’t care less about any rule. Then again, the rules are not very clear either. On the main street, it says 50 en toda la avenida (50 on the whole avenue) accompanied by a big 50 sign. 200 Meters down the road there is a sign which indicates 40 en about 200 meters behind that one a 30 sign.

Who would not get confused by that?


2 thoughts on “2018.09.06 Could they make up their mind, please?”

  1. 30, 40, 50, het zijn maar getallen, net als je leeftijd. Vanaf vandaag heb je weer 365 dagen om aan een nieuw getal te wennen. Van harte gefeliciteerd en nog heel veel gezonde en gelukkige jaren!


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