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2018.01.28 Shortterm thinking


The way some waiters, shopkeepers, and other on-clients-dependent workers treat their potential customers over here keeps amazing me.

The woman sat on the terrace and ordered a drink while asking for the menu. The waiter snapped at her that lunch didn’t start until 1 o’clock. I guess she was hungry so understandably she canceled her order for a drink. Now he really was pissed off and threw his hands in the air. I saw him thinking “tourists, argh”.

I call it short-term thinking. Not only she won’t return, but neither will we. After all, if you’re having tea at a terrace you want a nice atmosphere.

It reminded me of the audiobook I am ‘reading’ at the moment. It’s called ‘Mastering Influence’ by Tony Robbins. His tips for being a good salesperson are:

  • Build rapport
  • Ask questions
  • Be congruent
  • Manage your state

Especially that last part is something this waiter should work on!


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