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2018.02.16 House hunting


Today we had a lovely day: we went house hunting in the campo. We are lucky enough to have someone who is guiding us and he managed to squeeze 5 of the houses we wanted to visit into one day.

All houses had something in common. They had a living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, one or more terraces, and a garden. And – very important- they all came with a view. But otherwise, they were very different.

The funny thing is, that we made a wish list on which there is NO swimming pool and NO hearth.
That is not possible over here. All the houses have a swimming pool and a hearth. One of the real estate agents even said that it is mandatory nowadays to have a swimming pool. (Will that be true? I think it is a funny story.)

One of the houses is exactly opposite of the house we rent at the moment. It’s one of the white spots on the second hilltop in the picture. So we promised each other to send light signals in the evenings!


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