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2018.04.15 A surprise?


We wanted to go to the fair with the grandchildren, but since that is a 20-minute walk we said it was a surprise. For some reason, I thought that would be a better announcement, than saying ‘we are going to the fair’. A big miscalculation that was.

We are still not used to the strange opening times they keep here and expected the fair to be open from 2 pm.

It wasn’t.

One attraction luckily was the exception AND was something the eldest likes very much: the ball pool. The youngest made no intention of coming out of his stroller until he saw his brother vanish behind the entrance. Crying he pointed out he wanted to go there too.

He is 2 and was allowed in if accompanied by a grown-up. As soon as we both were out of our shoes and ready to mount the stairs, he started crying again. This time pointing out that he didn’t want to go there. He was perfectly happy to be on Tom’s shoulders and just looking at his brother.

The next drama took place when the ball pool time was over. We had promised a surprise and we didn’t give anything so now the eldest broke down in tears as well. He is 4 and didn’t get that a surprise can also be something you do. No, no, no, a surprise is something you GET.

This Sunday afternoon was saved when we passed a vending machine with little balls. Phew. 🙂


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