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2018.05.04 We’ve got mail


We have an actual address at the moment and we’ve got mail today. Every drawing of our grandchildren is precious as you can imagine. Brighten up a day that was a bit pressing. In a literal sense, because both toilets were clogged.

Being in someone else’s house and not knowing our way around, neither in the house nor in the Spanish way of handling problems, made me really nervous. Thank goodness there are several people we can talk to. It turned out the landlady is insured for things like this. The sole disadvantage was that we had to wait for the company connected to the insurance agency. But with the advantage that I could contact the insurance agent with questions.

It was good for my Spanish. The plumber made me learn some new words:

the plumber – el fontanero
the mop – la fregona
the broom and dustpan – la escoba y el cogedor
the van – la furgoneta

All’s well that ends well ;-))


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