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2018.06.25 Do as the Romans do


The Dutch may be very direct, as we often hear over here, they are also hospitable. No business would dream of having a conversation, even when it’s just a meeting to get acquainted and nothing more, without offering coffee, tea, or water.

As we realized when we had a getting-to-know conversation with a Dutch real estate agent in a nearby village. Without even asking 2 cups of water were placed in front of us. Which we could take or leave by the way. Nobody would be insulted if we didn’t drink from it.

How different that is when we meet other business people. No matter how big the eventual purchase might be, nothing is offered. The worst-case scenario even is that our conversation partner gets his or her own drink, leaving us with a dry throat.

Oh well, ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’.


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