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2018.08.25 German Shepherd Dog

Barking dog

Out here in the campo (countryside) live a lot of dogs. Our neighbor has six. They bark all day. So we move at the end of the week to another house.

The best way to experience dogs is by walking through the campo. Every self-respecting farmer or house owner has at least one dog. Some dogs bark when they see you approach their compound from a distance, others wait until you’re there and then start running and barking, some just look at you with those sad eyes.

This German Shepherd Dog is the nasty one of two that guard a little farmhouse. Every time we pass here, and that is at least once a week, it starts barking and running along the fence until we are out of sight. The more so when the boss, the farmer is around. The other one always picks up a ball and walks to us, hoping we will play with him/her, I guess. But it never comes to that. We have to finish our daily walk in time.


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