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2018.09.18 Fishy fishies


No angler has only one fishing rod out in the water. The red ones these anglers hold are simple, straightforward types. The blue one at the left is a more advanced type with a sophisticated mill.

Here on the coast, the anglers show up on the beaches and rocks when the sun sets. This might be because they have to work during the day. But people that work here, do not stop before nine or ten in the evening. So people that go angling around six or seven in the afternoon probably take time off. So they are real aficionados.

On this rock, they do not have much space to install many rods. But on the beach anglers use five to six rods at the same time.

Although we have had some time to watch the anglers, even from up close, we have not seen one fish on any rod. Smart fish? Or no fish? Or the anglers do not fish for fish. Is it just a pastime? And not a hobby? Or is it a kind of exercise? Like our daily walk? Rod in the water – rod out the water. Etcetera.


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