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2018.10.31 Halloween


‘Trick or treat.’ ‘Trick or treat!’ ‘Trick or treat!’ You can notice that nowadays Spanish children learn English. I just heard one kid say ‘Six!’, referring to the number of cookies he wanted. ‘Thank you’, with the six cookies in your mouth which you were supposed to share with your friends, sounds a lot like the Spanish ‘Gracias.’

Halloween is supposed to originate from Celtic pagan customs. It’s an assembly of celebrating the end of the harvest season, anxious anticipation with the harsh winter, and the persuasion of the dead ancestors to help outride it. The bloody features of Halloween probably stem from the slaughter of livestock for the winter.

But what pirates have got to do with Halloween is a riddle to us. We will ask this little guy next time we see him. I like his mustache a lot though. It’s a crossover of the moustache of Zorro and Hercule Poirot.


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