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2018.02.23 Gas or logs?


We’re no fans of a fireplace. But the alternative is a gas heater. Both have their pros and cons.

The pros of the fireplace are that it’s hot and cozy if you’re fond of coziness. The cons are that the side of your body that’s not exposed to the fireplace stays cold. Like a pig on a skewer, you have to turn around regularly. Not to mention the fact that you burn wood which is not good for the environment. As you can see in the picture it also takes some experience to light the fire. Which I don’t have, because you have to light the fire from the back and not from the front as I do.

The pros of the gas heater are that it spreads its heat better and that it’s easy to fire. The cons are that it uses all oxygen available, so you have to repeatedly open a window or a door to let in some fresh air, and that it smells a lot. Although this also goes for the fireplace. But it’s time again to put another log on the fire. And this is also a disadvantage of a fireplace, you have to fuel it frequently, whereas the gas heater stays on for hours without real care.


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