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2018.02.24 Ecological Spain

Ecological market

An acquaintance told me about a daily newsletter with items about the region: DigameXtra. And in that newsletter was an announcement of a weekly ecological market nearby. Finally, we found biological/ecological food!

This morning we went there. It wasn’t quite what I expected. I visioned a market with lots of stalls, row after row. Like the usual markets are. It is way smaller than that. But nevertheless, there are enough products to choose from and it is very cozy.

We started walking past the displayed vegetables and pots. At the last table – Ecologicos Axarquia – we were greeted enthusiastically by a Spanish lady who spoke fluent Dutch. What a surprise. It turned out her husband is Dutch. No wonder.

We left the market with our hands full. Vegetables, herbs, empanadillas, wine, and some fruit. Oh, and chocolate. Mmmm.


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