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2018.10.23 DIY nets

I intend to live with zero waste as soon as possible. We have written more about the amount of waste over here in Spain. It’s one of my main concerns – the way people treat the single-use of plastic. We are so happy with the local ecological shop owned by Sebastian, who is very willing … Read more

2018.09.23 A cloud of dust

Some things over here are still old-fashioned. On a regular basis, we encounter livestock of either sheep or goats. The shepherds wander around the villages and the agricultural terrains. I am not sure though you could call this type of old-fashioned-ness ecological. Given all the plastic and asbestos that is lying around, I doubt there … Read more

2018.07.28 Gazpacho

This is gazpacho, a typical Spanish cold soup. It’s from Don Simon, a well-known brand in Spain. This gazpacho is ecological, most products of Don Simon are not. So we are lucky. This gazpacho is one of the few we really like. Of course, because it’s ecológico. But also because it contains only a little … Read more

2018.05.16 Natural Verdiana

This is Sebastian Cuny. A Frenchman who has lived already for 14 years in Spain. Together with his family, he runs two tiendas (shops) of ecological and regional products: Natural Verdiana. One in Alhama de Murcia and the other in the Plaza de Abastos in Puerto de Mazarrón. The one where we now buy fresh … Read more

2018.02.24 Ecological Spain

An acquaintance told me about a daily newsletter with items about the region: DigameXtra. And in that newsletter was an announcement of a weekly ecological market nearby. Finally, we found biological/ecological food! This morning we went there. It wasn’t quite what I expected. I visioned a market with lots of stalls, row after row. Like … Read more