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2018.11.13 Menu del dia

A daily menu usually is handwritten or told by the waiter. It gives an extra homemade touch in my opinion. Today we went to Tallant. It’s halfway between Puerto de Mazarrón and Cartagena. The Restaurant’s name is El Buen Descante, meaning the good rest or the good pause. Which it was. Really good food! ^hm

2018.09.02 Bricklayers’ salt

There are a lot of things we miss out on. Such as salt. We try to balance our food as much as possible considering our wishes and what’s available in reasonably healthy foodstuff. Salt is not on our food list. As I explained earlier, most foods contain enough natural salts to get you through the … Read more

2018.08.21 Smoking is an insult

It’s hard to believe, but smoking is an insult. In general, but more specifically on the terrace of a restaurant. Before you think that it’s an insult for the non-smokers on the terrace, think again. That’s too obvious. Foremost it’s an insult to the cook. No cook ever prepares a meal to be spoiled by … Read more

2018.08.07 Table manners

In Spain, they have excellent table manners. Meaning that at the start of any meal you always get offered: salt, pepper, vinegar, and olive oil. Usually from very good quality. At least as far as we are concerned. But of course, we’re no real aficionados if it comes to these table annexes. We never add … Read more

2018.02.24 Ecological Spain

An acquaintance told me about a daily newsletter with items about the region: DigameXtra. And in that newsletter was an announcement of a weekly ecological market nearby. Finally, we found biological/ecological food! This morning we went there. It wasn’t quite what I expected. I visioned a market with lots of stalls, row after row. Like … Read more

2018.01.10 Have a nice meal

A sunny meal on a sunny terrace. What more is there to be wished? Well, for instance, the recipe. Timing is the essence. Start with frying rather large pieces of carrot in a very little bit of Spanish olive oil. Subsequently add celery, red paprika, pre-cooked turkey, ginger, curry, basil, garlic (at least three rather … Read more

2017.11.02 Peeled fruit

For years Tom made me breakfast on bed. So sweet; I could start my day nice and easy. The disadvantage was though that we didn’t consume breakfast at the same time. Last winter we were at the southcoast of Spain and discovered that having breakfast together is even nicer than getting the treat of breakfast … Read more