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2018.06.10 Brownie cake

Yes, there it is! Diego’s ‘brownie cake’. Wednesday my grandson Diego will become five years old. We will go to Leganés to celebrate this milestone. As a surprise and especially for him I made this delicious, rich, and heavy cake. Glutenfree, sugarfree, fatfree, and lactosefree. The recipe is as follows. Needed 250 grams of pit … Read more

2018.01.10 Have a nice meal

A sunny meal on a sunny terrace. What more is there to be wished? Well, for instance, the recipe. Timing is the essence. Start with frying rather large pieces of carrot in a very little bit of Spanish olive oil. Subsequently add celery, red paprika, pre-cooked turkey, ginger, curry, basil, garlic (at least three rather … Read more