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2018.08.21 Smoking is an insult


It’s hard to believe, but smoking is an insult. In general, but more specifically on the terrace of a restaurant. Before you think that it’s an insult for the non-smokers on the terrace, think again. That’s too obvious.

Foremost it’s an insult to the cook. No cook ever prepares a meal to be spoiled by the foul stench of cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or e-smokers. Nevertheless, there are thousands of smokers who have no problem insulting the cook who took the effort to pamper their taste. If they still have any.

Next comes the food. You might counter that food is no person, so it can not be insulted. If you think so, you must be very clever! Or a smoker. And yes, food is no person. Which makes it even a bigger insult. Food serves our best interests. No food, no energy. Sure, food will never object to your smoking insults. You’re a real hero.

Then there are the servants. I know, many men and women that work in the catering industry are avid smokers themselves. But does that give you, as a smoker, the right to pollute their working environment? Did you even bother to ask? Did you even consider for just one second what you do to the children that sit next to you on the terrace?

And that’s where smokers really show their total lack of respect for whom or for whatever. In public spaces, non-smokers have no choice. Their choices are made by smokers. If ever there is a public insult then it’s this.


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