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2018.08.20 Wrong fuel?


“Would you put diesel in your car? No? Why not?”

“It wouldn’t be the right fuel, because my car runs on gasoline”.

“So you take better care of your car than of yourself?”

That did the trick. I didn’t drink that much, I guess. At the most one bottle of white wine a week. But still, I do know alcohol is not good for me.

The funny thing is, I tried to quit alcohol consumption before. Never for more than one month and then I would start again. But since that conversation, I delved into the question “Why do I drink? Why do I need it?”

The conclusion of that self-examination is that I like “going for a drink”. I like the coziness of sitting with Tom, looking at people, enjoying our conversation, and resting.

I have to admit though that whenever I had the intention of drinking just one glass, miraculously that always turned into 2. Making me mad at myself afterward. How stupid can I be?

At the moment I am officially a teetotaler for 3 months. The difference with the other attempts of quitting is unbelievable. I haven’t had one urge to start again. We still go out for a drink occasionally. I enjoy that even more now that I am not flogging myself at being weak. And I found several brands of sparkling water that are really nice.


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