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2018.08.02 Fruit snack

Fruit for breakfast

This picture epitomizes our lifestyle. At least, if it comes to food. This is the fruit snack with which we start the day. And we do this already for years. As far as I can remember from 1991 onwards. In that year we went to the USA for the first time.

But there is more to what we do and do not eat or drink. We don’t eat or drink: dairy, meat, bread, salt, sugar, and alcohol. It goes without saying that we don’t smoke!

What we do eat and drink, besides fruit in the early morning:
• Vegetables.
• Poultry (chicken, turkey; but only once or twice a week).
• Fish (but only once or twice a week).
• Potatoes (but only once or twice a week).
• Whole grain rice, pasta (but only once or twice a month).
• Nuts (every day if possible).
• Water (one and a half liter a day, more or less).
• Herbal tea, green tea, coffee.

Our meals look like this (although, since we now live in Spain, we usually combine lunch and dinner):

• Breakfast: Fruit and fruit juice.

• Lunch: Proteins and vegetables or carbohydrates and vegetables.

• Dinner: Salad.

We also try to observe the following:
• We do not drink when we eat.
• We do not drink half an hour before or after lunch or dinner.
• We chew every mouthful 30x – 50x.
• We do not combine in one meal carbohydrates and proteins.

We are allowed one cheat day per week. Then we pay less attention.


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