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2018.04.24 Sentimental journey

Baelo Claudia

Some days we work, some days we go sightseeing.
Today we did better. We worked in the morning and went sightseeing in the afternoon. It’s a great way of splitting up the day.

And it was a sentimental journey as well. About 20 years ago we went for the first time – and until now the only time – to the Costa de la Luz. We wanted to visit 2 of the places we also saw on that trip.

The first was the archeological Roman site Baelo Claudia. The remains of a Roman town that was prosperous about 2.000 years ago. Beautiful!
As an extra, there also was an exhibition of a contemporary artist who was inspired by the ruins and artifacts. I really liked her work. Some were in a mixed technique, some were collages.

The next stop was Cabo de Trafalgar. In the past, I made some beautiful pictures of the beach nearby and wanted to go there again. The whole area looked completely different. It is still a nice beach, but nowhere near the beauty that lives on in my head.

And yes, Cape Trafalgar is where the famous battle was fought and where Nelson lost his life. But of this event was nothing to be seen either.


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