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How Do you Cherish your Sweet Memories?

How Do you Cherish your Sweet Memories?

The other day sweet memories awoke. A friend of mine posted a map of a small village at the Belgium border where I used to cycle with my race bike.

Especially when the sun was shining and I had some time off, I frequently went for a ride there. His post made me go back in time.

My memories of these rides swiftly and vividly came back to me. I was amazed at how precisely I could picture the tracks I used to ride.

Where I had to go left. Where the roads were rough. Or where I was going down or up and had to push for some extra power. Sweet memories indeed.

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2018.06.24 pallet factory

When we walk from the house into the direction of the village, along the Via Verde, we pass a small pallet factory. As far as can be noticed, the factory indeed only makes wooden pallets. From a distance, the scent of freshly processed wood enters your nose. It brings back memories. When I was still … Read more