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2018.07.06 Ghost site

Ghost site

The road on this picture goes in circles. The lamps do not work. There comes no electricity out of the grey box on the left side on the ground.

This is an empty piece of land at the border of the sea between Bolnuevo and Puerto de Mazarrón. To the right is the Playa Canina (Dog Beach). A beach where you can go as well as your dog(s).

This empty piece of land is about as big as three soccer fields next to each other. The ‘dead’ lamps and electricity boxes and roads that go around in circles, make it a ‘ghost site’. It is probably a housing project that never got off the ground. In Spain, there are many of these projects.

For many house-buyers and investors, these projects are a disaster. Investors saw their money go up in smoke because the contractors they paid got busted. House-buyers who made down-payments saw their money disappear as well. A lot of them had to leave the house they sold in anticipation of the new one. Moreover, they had to pay off their mortgage and are often in debt for their down-payment. Because of all this, they can not buy another house.


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