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2018.07.05 Go to the beach, have fun, repeat

Beach sculpting

Unfortunately, we have to come to the conclusion that our grandsons are Spanish builders, not Dutch ones. Instead of building dikes and canals, they like to stampede on the castillos that daddy and oma build.

It’s not that we mind that much as long as they are having fun. And since the sun returned after 2 cloudy days, being on the beach was great for all of us. So fun we had.


2 thoughts on “2018.07.05 Go to the beach, have fun, repeat”

  1. It’s very nice to build a sand castle with you, mom, makes me feel even younger again. Laughing, smiling, playing with the kids is so good for the energy levels and the state of mind. Really enjoying this week’s holiday.

    • I was thinking I don’t play enough. So having you and the kids over makes me playful and young again as well 🙂


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