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2018.07.04 Grounding

Succulent cuttings

Once a year I do a 6-week program called “The Elements of Success”. One of the assignments is to create 7 goals. And one of those goals is that I want to ground.

Having no house and no place with our own stuff around us might grow a sense of non-earthiness. Which I don’t want.

Hence the goal of growing things.

It would be too easy to just buy a pot with a plant. Somehow I want to have the feeling of “creating it myself”. I started with keeping some avocado pits in bowls of water. One of them already has roots and the tiniest start of a tree you can imagine.

Getting enthusiastic by this success I cut some succulents out of the garden. Hubby thought that it would never work, but I just put them in the bowls with the avocado pits, and lo and behold, after a week they already have roots.

So today I bought a pot and potting soil. Together with the eldest who loves flores I have planted the cuttings.

Part of my goal is fulfilled!


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