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2018.10.13 My first Astérix

I have a little headache. Today we went a day out with the nietos (our two grandsons) and our son. First we went to the Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática in Cartagena. There are all kinds of interactive features and the boys loved it. After that, we went to the Centro Commercial Espacio Mediterráneo, which is … Read more

2018.08.24 Escándalos

Outside in the shade, it’s 35 degrees Celsius. Nobody is wearing socks and shoes except for my two nietos (grandchildren). The little one has these lovely red sandalias (sandals) which I refer to as escándalos (scandals). So I tell him to put on his escándalos. It might be for this word joke, but he says … Read more