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Effective Communication between Couples, Young or Ageing

Effective Communication between Couples, Young or Ageing

I guess everybody does it; sitting on a terrace and watching other people’s behaviour? I love it, especially when something happens of which you know the outcome before it occurs. 🙂

I knew when I heard the elderly couple arguing about which way to go, he would have it his way and she would be right in the end.

So she reluctantly followed him and after 100 meters plus another argument, they turned around and passed us again going in the opposite direction. 

It wasn’t very effective communication between couples. He didn’t want to listen to her and was only focused on having it his way. She was obviously not capable of talking to him in a way that would convince him without giving him the idea he was stupid.

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2018.05.11 A different perspective

We love the Mercado in Puerto de MazarrĂłn because 2 of our favorite shops are there – the baker and the ecological store. And today we had an unexpected view on the Mercado from a hill. It really stands out between those grey and beige buildings. By the way: I think it’s really funny that … Read more