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2018.09.26 Very proud

65 kg

I am really proud of us. We both reached our desired weight! Tom is between 73 and 74 kg. My weight is between 65 and 66 kg.

It took us – deliberately because a slow weight loss has a better chance to be sustainable – 2,5 years to lose over 20 kg. And it is not that we reached these weights this morning, but we have been this for the past month. So it’s secure to say that it is definite.

As far as weight is definite of course. Because keeping a certain amount of kilos can be as tough as gaining or losing weight. We’ll see. So far so good.

Oh, and in case you are wondering how we did it, this is a description of how we eat.


2 thoughts on “2018.09.26 Very proud”

  1. You are both such an inspiration when it comes to living healthy and consciously working on a better environment. Big hug from a proud son!


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