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Poor Mindset vs Rich Mindset – How to Grow the Right Money Mindset

Poor Mindset vs Rich Mindset - How to Grow the Right Money Mindset

As you are aging you will have thoughts about your finances. Hopefully these are only positive thoughts, because there is a relationship between a negative attitude and being poor. Yet, positive or negative, it’s good to have a grip on your finances.

This article has 2 perspectives. On the one hand to be actually poor or rich, in terms of money. And on the other hand to be rich or poor in your view of wealth. In other words poor mindset vs rich mindset.

We all have a different view on what wealth is. For some people it means having a lot of money, for others being content and happy is more important.

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The Importance of Life Expectancy for your Unique Personal Situation

The importance of life expectancy for your personal situation

The most interesting question I ever got was “How old are you going to be?”. There had been a vague notion in the back of my head, but until then I had never put an actual number on it.

The importance of life expectancy is huge. Not just for life insurers but especially for your personal situation.

Why? Well, let’s say you will live to be 100. And that you retire at age 67. That means 33 years of not having a job and maybe more costs because of a declining health. Which in turn means that you’d better have made preparations while you were still working.

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