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How about Starting a Business after 60? Dream or Delusion?

How about Starting a Business after 60? Dream or Delusion?

Now and then I hear someone say “Oh, I am too old for that”. Mind you, these are not only people over 60. I also hear people in their thirties and forties tell it. I always cringe when I listen to such a remark.

If you start practicing a certain type of sport at the age of 50 with the intention of winning gold at the next Olympics, it might be a bit unrealistic. Depending on the sport of course. But it won’t stop you from having tons of fun if you do it anyway. And you’ll be working on your health as well.

Instead of saying “I am too old for that” it is way better to say “what are the possibilities to make this happen?” So if you are wondering whether you could be starting a business after 60, this question is a great starting point.

It all starts with an idea

Idea 11 in 20 Ideas on how to make money after retirement is Start an online business. That’s easier said than done, I know, but you might have read more articles on this website, like:

These articles give you inspiration on ideas, products, methods. Today’s article will discuss something every online entrepreneur needs at some point: a sales funnel.

The right mindset

One Funnel Away Challenge

Whatever part of the process you are in, it all starts with the right mindset. Telling yourself you’re too old won’t serve you. Yelling you were never good with technique doesn’t help. Convincing yourself you have started so many things and failed every time, doesn’t mean you can’t try again.

You have a lot of qualities, I am sure of that, even when I don’t know you and have never met you. And whatever quality you lack and is vital for your plan can be hired. (I heard that! Don’t start the objections right away!)

Replacing the “I can’t do that” by “What are the possibilities” is a very powerful way.

I want to live in a castle

In a business seminar I attended the room was asked to ponder about the question “I want to live in a castle. How could that become a reality when I have no money?”

After a short while we were asked to shout our solutions. It was unbelievable how many possibilities were suggested. From Marry the lord of the castle, to Be the housekeeper, to Squat an empty castle, to many more.

But I can’t sell

How good of you! You will undoubtedly have met a person in the past that kept pestering you with a product you really should buy from him or her. What is your first inclination when someone comes to your door and wants to sell you something? Closing the door quickly, don’t you?

How does that relate to a sales process? Well, a good sales process isn’t about selling. It’s about helping somebody else with a solution to their problem.

My best investments in recent years

Starting a Business after 60: Invest in yourself

It can be difficult to just start from scratch and it might be a good idea to educate yourself. Even if you were an entrepreneur before retirement. It’s good to stay up to date and to build on your self-confidence.

The best investments in myself in recent years are these two:

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a crash course in building an online business. It is certainly not for everyone, but I’ll explain who can benefit from this challenge.

One Funnel Away Challenge

My husband Tom and I had been traveling a year at the south coast in Spain after retiring from both our businesses. When we found our dream house we thought the time had come to enjoy being retired. To conclude after a couple of months that retirement was boring. 🙂

At that point my son was raving on about the challenge he did and said this would be my perfect step back into business. I had no idea what that business had to be about. All I knew was I didn’t want to go back to graphic design.

Thirty days

30 day challenge to become a better online entrepreneur
Content is value. I.e. the MP3 player doesn’t cost $297, its content sure is worth that amount.

The reason I mentioned this is not for everyone, is twofold: it’s a paid challenge and it doesn’t start whenever you want. They run the challenge about 6 times a year. And you have to dedicate those 30 days to follow along.

Both reasons are on purpose: “Who pays, pays attention”. People tend to appreciate what they have to pay for more than the free stuff. They want to get the most out of it to get value for money.

By forcing the members to participate right there and then, the learning curve is steep and the energy stays high. And wow, the energy is high, I can tell you. Breathtaking.

What is it about?

The 30 days are divided in 5 parts. First part is about getting the right mindset. Followed by the second part which teaches online selling. The third part is a fine tuning of the sales process by using the right sales copy. And fourth handles how to build a sales funnel. To end with the fifth part that teaches traffic and promotion.

Two formats of the material

Is there a catch? In a sense there is. The One Funnel Away Challenge is hosted by Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson’s company. Clickfunnels hopes of course that you will get enthusiastic enough to buy their software, which is either $97 per month or $297 per month, depending on the package.

You are not obliged to use their software! You can either use the 14-day trial during the challenge and skip it in time. Or you can build sales funnels in other ways or with other software.

In fact, my recommendation would be to first get a grip on the system of working with a sales funnel, before buying software. $97 can be a lot of money if it goes out every month without accompanying revenue.


Coaches: Russell Brunson, Stephen Larson and Julie Stoian.
Formats: completely digital ($100) or expanded with a Challenge Kit for an additional shipping & handling of $19,95 US / $29,95 International.
Guarantee: 30 days refund if you’re not satisfied.
Mapping: daily tasks from Russell Brunson, daily coaching sessions by either Stephen Larson or Julie Stoian, a community to keep each other accountable and enthusiastic.

Final words

Can you start a business after 60? It may be obvious in my opinion you certainly can and I am also convinced you can succeed, even when it’s something completely new you are about to undertake.

It is equally clear that I warmly recommend the One Funnel Away Challenge. If you have any questions about that challenge then don’t hesitate to ask me. Either in the comment box down below or email me personally.

>>> P.S. The next One Funnel Away Challenge starts soon! <<<

16 thoughts on “How about Starting a Business after 60? Dream or Delusion?”

  1. Hi Hannie and thanks for this.
    I think there may be a third possible description alongside – Dream or Delusion – and that could be – or Necessity! Though I have heard it said by others who go through the retirement transition that you probably need less money to retire than you think you do. Peanut butter meals a few times a week aren’t all that bad after all – I do that myself already and I haven’t retire yet. Not just yet that is.
    On the other hand I think much will depend on where you live. In Europe you can probably do with less if your health insurance arrangements are secured.than in the US where an emergency medical fund is a wise thing to have. I haven’t paid as much attention as I probably need to to the sales funnel process so at some point the One Funnel Away Challenge would likely be a good idea. I am still busy in full time day job work though so I would not be able to dedicate the time needed over a 30 day period. You are so right – we pay attention to what we pay for.
    I guess when that time comes – about 18 months away now – I will have to calculate how many more peanut butter meals I will need to have in a month to be able to pay for the course!
    Happy Days!

    • Hi Andy, of course, “Necessity”, how could I forget to include that. Thanks.
      As far as the challenge concerns: there are a lot of 9-5-people that participate. They postpone their social life for a month, which isn’t all that difficult in these virus times anyway. It might very well be your savior if you did the challenge now and not in 18 months time. The reason being, that there is a lot to digest which needs (thinking) time as well, and then you have that time in your hands. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    The words written here are a great motivation for anyone considering a change, but worried to do so. Its never too late to start and you’re only held back by your own barriers.
    As you also say, you will have fun and learn loads along the way.
    Love it!

    • Exactly LJ, we are often our own biggest enemy, blocking our way to growth. Understandable, because that is how our primal brain is wired, we don’t like change and get into fight or flight mode if something unexpected happens or if we have to make a big decision. But it’s all doable, if our why is big enough. 🙂

  3. I absolutely think it’s possible to start a business after 60, especially online. People in their 60s aren’t really that old these days if they have taken good care of themselves. Just think about it, you have 20 years till 80 and many people are thriving in their 80s! Just like some people are going into early grave in their 50s or even 40s. The online world is full of possibilities for senior people who are willing to use their gathered knowledge, so don’t let your age be a hindrance!

    • Thanks Chuck, uplifting words are always welcomed. Realizing how many years we will have left is indeed a good motivation to refrain from sitting still behind the geraniums. 😀
      And your point of all that knowledge and experience that can be shared is a really good one!

  4. Hi Hannie,

    This is such an inspirational and very informative article for people who want to start a business. I know this is targeted to people over 60, but anybody of any age can use your advice to start a business. As you say, it all starts with an idea. I like the one funnel away challenge, I might take this challenge up myself. What do you think?

    I’ll let you know how I get on with it.

    I am going to share this article with some family members of mine. Two are over 60 but the others aren’t and I want to show them that it is possible to start your own business at any age. Hopefully I can convince them.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Thanks, Tom, and yes, I know more people can use the advice, but if you are going to take the One Funnel Away Challenge you will learn as one of the first things: choose your ideal target audience. And for me it’s easier to speak to people my age 🙂
      I appreciate your sharing highly and if any of your family members want to have a coffee chat with me, they are welcome. Convincing them… I am not sure. If someone needs to be convinced it might be extrinsic motivation, which doesn’t work in the end.
      As for your question what I think about you taking the OFA challenge: given the way you are working on your own website and development, yes, I think you are the perfect candidate for the challenge. If you want more ins and outs, we can have a coffee chat as well!

  5. Hannie, This is exactly the basis for my podcast! A recent guest says it this way: “People are dying at 40 and being buried at 80.” We need to change that!
    We are definitely ready for “something more” when we get to 60 or beyond…it’s not time to sit on the sofa with our feet up (well, maybe sometimes it’s okay! ?)
    The opportunities are almost endless – whether you’re starting a business with the goal to “make money” or just to “keep busy” doesn’t matter. What’s important is to do something…the One Funnel Away Challenge is an excellent way to spur yourself along.
    Great article!

    • Oof, quite a saying, Jacquie, but very true!! You did the challenge as well, didn’t you? I love your podcast and the way you are working towards your own ‘retirement’ that is not going to be a retirement. 🙂
      Thanks for the comment.

  6. Hi Hannie,
    This is a good motivation post, especially for me. I’m 34, hate selling all my life, but ended up trying to start a business that requires pitching and selling. We are never too old to start learning.
    I’m getting to a point where I need some sort of aid to create traffic and this One Funnel Away Challenge seems like an interesting program. Are there any slow paced program that does not require full time commitment?

    • Hi Ina, yes, there are. For instance The Home Business Academy. They have a DIY course included in the membership.
      Another one is GrooveFunnels. They will sent you a series of daily emails from which you can learn and do at your own pace.
      Like ClickFunnels they have a membership and a half-done-for-you page set-up. All 3 aim at non-techy people, there pagebuilders are pretty similar to WordPress Gutenberg.
      What I liked about the OFA Challenge was its high energy. Yes, it does require time and commitment. But how good are you at studying on your own? I am pretty self-disciplined and still there are courses I have never finished. 🙂

  7. Hi Hannie,

    I also often hear those words “I’m too old for that”, and I don’t believe in it either. You’re never too old for anything. I also think that many people have the wrong idea about selling. They just want to sell without providing you a service, which are the type of people you don’t really want to buy from or who use aggressive sales techniques or pressure to make you buy …
    Selling is giving a solution to a problem people may have, I like that definition much better and it is very true. You are more likely to buy from the person who has helped you than the one who is just pushing you to buy without giving you any valuable, personal service.
    The click funnel challenge sounds interesting. It’s a little hard for me to invest that time every day for 30 days, because of my job and my work on my books and websites, but maybe when I can take some time off I could look into that again.

    • Your definition of selling is spot-on, Christine. That’s what made it easier for me as well, as I also had this belief that I can’t sell. An image of a pushing man at your door trying to stick his foot in. 🙂 That’s the image you saw too, didn’t you? And that definitely was the image I didn’t want to incorporate in myself. But if we have this urge to help other people the selling process becomes easier and likable. Way better.

  8. I have been bugging around starting some sort of side income from home, especially with the lockdown thing.
    Your post is very motivating, your story is exemplary and your recommendations are worth it to take a look, which I did already and I will look into more detail into them.

    But before that I wanted to thank you for your genuine interest in helping others, one can say judging from your story that you don’t need to, so if you do it is because you really want.

    Said that, I am afraid of anything that is offered, especially because I heard a lot about deceivers, and I also came across people self-called “Gurus” that only flooded my email inbox with pushy emails.
    Considering your honest share here, it seems to me you are not one of those at all.

    Talking specifically about your suggestions, and from your own experience, which would you say is better for a total beginner like me?
    Thank you so much for your advice.

    • Hi Pablo, thank you so much for your kind words! Regarding your question: if you have 2 hours a day to invest and want to immerse yourself in a high-energy community than I would definitely start with the One Funnel Away Challenge. It’s intense and overwhelming for sure, but because they give a lot of attention to mindset it sets you up right on track from the beginning.

      If you do want to start building funnels as well I would suggest the Home Business Academy. I have a review about them here. They have less possibilities than ClickFunnels and for a beginner that’s just fine.

      You’ll meet a lot of likeminded people in the challenge, but soon enough the energy will fade away. So after the challenge I would join Wealthy Affiliate. Start with the free version to get a feel for it. What I missed after the OFA challenge – the energy and drive – I found in WA, because it’s a community of caring and hardworking people, that support each other.

      Good luck 🙂


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