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How to Customize your WordPress Theme – Advanced Tip

How to Customize your WordPress Theme - Advanced Tip

Questions in the comments on a blog are always great. It’s a marvelous chance to dive deeper into something. For instance: How to customize your WordPress theme.

Catherine’s question on WordPress Tips for Beginners is how to find or change a font of a theme. The answer is about fonts, but almost all other elements like color and sizes that use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can be changed this way. A website I consult often about CSS is w3schools. The explanation is good and there is a lot to find.

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WordPress Tips for Beginners – Readability, Design, User Experience

Wordpress Tips for Beginners - Readability, Design, User Experience

In How to make money from your hobby or passion? one of the mentioned possibilities is having your own website. Most hosting providers offer a one-click-process to install a WordPress blog, which makes starting real easy. So this article WordPress Tips for Beginners is not about installing, but about aspects to make visiting your website a great experience.  

The biggest mistake most beginners make is: they complicate the whole process. WordPress has infinite choices. However, this doesn’t mean that you should choose all of them from the start. Even if there are hundreds of plugins… Even if you can choose all the colors you want… Or every font that is available… Restrain yourself. The visitors of your website will appreciate it.

I will explain 12 aspects that – once implemented – will give your visitor a great user experience. Making sure they want to come back. 

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How to Change our Mindset about Money in a Healthy Way?

How to Change our Mindset about Money in a Healthy Way?

We probably don’t think much about how our mindset affects our life. We have always thought this way, either as a result of how we were raised or through other circumstances. Yet our mindset in fact does affect our life. By changing how we think we can improve our lives. 

When we rarely feel happy and content and we realize that the reason is that of a negative mindset, it’s time to change to feel better about ourselves and attract more abundance into our life.

If money is part of that negative thinking and worrying, it seems like there can never be a solution. I know what that feels like since I was in that situation myself a few years ago. A good moment to change our mindset about money!

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Review of the Home Business Academy – Sales Funnels or Revenues

The Home Business Academy

The Home Business Academy is a monthly membership, made to make the building of a sales funnel easy, yet it’s also meant as a way to earn residual income as an affiliate.

In 20 Ideas on how to make money after retirement I mention both online and offline possibilities to make money. For both offline and online endeavors it’s good to have sales funnels in place. I’ll explain in this article what a sales funnel is.

In this review of the Home Business Academy I’ll also go in depth on what is means to be an affiliate. To be an affiliate of a product is not on my original list of ideas. So, it makes a perfect Idea #21. I did mention being an affiliate in How to make money from your hobby or passion?, but that was more as a side note. 

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About Me

Hannie Mommers

Hello! My name is Hannie Mommers and I am so glad to meet you here.

Some people have a bias against aging people that I deeply resent. “Old and worn-out”. Well, I am far from that and I am sure you feel the same way. When they describe this worn-out situation in the Netherlands, where I come from, it says: Oh, that one is only sitting behind the geraniums.

Well, no geraniums for me. At least not to sit next to, because the flowers are beautiful of course. 🙂

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